If you’ve ever come into the Jack + Diane’s studio, then you know the first smile you are going to see is that of Scotty.

Scotty was born in Gulfport Mississippi and he was first exposed to tattoos by his family as they had many tattoos. “I always thought they were neat looking”, says Scotty, “therefore, when I turned eighteen, my mom and dad brought me to get my first one.”


He started coming into the shop to get more tattoos. So, one day, he was in the shop and Jack + Diane pulled him to the side and asked if he would like to work doing customer service. Of course, with him being interested in tattoos, he said yes.

He started off helping the customers complete their paper work and booking appointments. After having a lot of success in customer service and impressing Jack + Diane with his work ethic, Jack asked if he had an interest in tattooing or piercing. Scotty said yes and has now been an artist with us for over ten years.

Scotty lives on the coast with his beautiful wife Molly. He is an incredible father to his son, Gaige, and their family is expecting a new baby later this year.