Dave was born and raised in New Jersey and eventually found his way down to the coast. His first memories of tattoos were seeing them on his grandfather and uncles. With a growing interest in the art, he began to study the different styles and techniques of tattooing. In 1994, he started tattooing professionally and has been constantly working to become the best tattoo artist he can be. 

In 2000, he came to Mississippi for a vacation and visited Jack & Diane’s. He got a tattoo from Jack and they hit it off right away. Dave expressed his desire to work with Jack + Diane and said he would relocate to Mississippi. In 2002, Dave finally relocated and was offered the opportunity of a lifetime and has been at Jack + Diane’s since.

Dave has 3 children who keep him motivated and loves them for their support. He has been a great asset to the Jack + Diane’s tattoo family and we are very thankful that life brought our paths together.