Meet Jack + Diane

jack and diane profile .JPG

Jack and Diane have been tattooing together since 1981 and, together, they have built a reputation as one of the premier tattoo studios in America with what started as a tiny dream in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Jack, originally from Rhode Island, first came to the Mississippi coast in 1978 where he was stationed in Gulfport through the U.S. Navy at the Seabee base. He ventured into a local tattoo studio and got his first tattoo. Shortly after, he became friends with the owner and was offered an apprenticeship to learn the art of tattooing. That was just the beginning.

Diane, originally from California, ALSO found her way to the Mississippi coast in 1978. Now, if that’s not coincidence enough, Jack ended up purchasing his first Harley Davidson and ended up riding to and eating in a restaurant where Diane was working. So, that day, in 1980 will forever live in all of our hearts because fate brought them together because it lit the spark that lead everyone that’s a part of Jack & Diane’s to where they are today.

So as the story goes, they fell in love, opened up a tattoo studio, built their family, and dreams came to life. Now, with over 38 years together, they have made their mark in the world of tattooing by always striving to make the tattoo experience one you will always remember.