Curtis was born and raised in Northern Michigan and was first exposed to tattoos with his father. “He had a road runner tattoo on his arm”, says Curt, “and I thought it was neat that it would never come off.”

 After high school graduation, Curtis joined the Navy as a Seabee and was transferred to the Mississippi Coast. After 20 years, here he is!  During his 5 years of enlistment, he had received 8 tattoos. His very first one was on his arm and done by Diane.


While in battalion, he became friends with Dan Tomalis who also works for Jack and Diane’s. When Dan got out of the Navy and started working at the studio he convinced Curtis to give it a try as his enlistment was also coming to an end. Knowing he had nothing to lose, he gave it a try and now 20 years later, he is still here and planning on at least another 20.

In November 2006, Curtis met his wife, Sara, when she came in for a tattoo. He is now an amazing step-dad to Josh and incredible father to his beautiful little girl, Ryanne.

The Jack + Diane’s family is super thankful to have Curt on the team!