Krazie Man Dan

Daniel Tomalis a.k.a. Krazie Man Dan was raised in Schenectady, New York. He joined the United States Navy in March 1991 as a builder in the Seabees. He was stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi in 1993. He met Jack and Diane the day after he was stationed there which was the start of a great friendship between the three of them. Dan then started hanging out at the studio every day helping customers and getting designs ready to be tattooed. He was then stationed in Jacksonville, Florida in May 1995 and drove back to Gulfport every Friday for nine months with no promise of a career in tattooing. He is very dedicated to the studio, his coworkers, his career, and his clients. Dan enjoys tattooing all sorts of designs but has a passion mostly for cartoons, floral, tribal, and Polynesian designs. He has been studying Polynesian art work to find better ways to make designs flow on the body. Dan is always looking for better ways to improve the designs and techniques and believes there is always room to improve in tattooing and in life.