Jack & Diane's

Jack first came to the coast in 1978 when he was stationed in Gulfport at the Seabee base. He ventured into a Biloxi tattoo studio and got his first tattoo. Overtime he became friends with the owner and was offered an apprenticeship to learn the art of tattooing. During this time he met Diane and she was also offered an apprenticeship. Upon Jack’s honorable discharge in 1981, Jack & Diane began their tattooing career on the coast.

Jack & Diane have been tattooing together for over 30 years now and together they have built a reputation as one of the premier tattoo studios in U.S.

Over the years Jack & Diane have also shared their knowledge of tattooing with others. The entire staff at Jack & Diane’s either served their apprenticeship or was mentored by Jack & Diane. Many others have gone on to their own careers in tattooing after learning the art from Jack & Diane.

For over 30 years Jack & Diane have made their mark in the world of tattooing by always striving to make the tattoo experience one you will always remember.